Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alex Burrows is on Team Mooney

The Inaugural Canucks Scrabble Battle takes place at 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, and I would urge you, once again, to donate to the Canucks For Kids Fund on behalf of either Team Glass or Team Mooney. If you recall, the side that receives the most pledges will also receive the vital first play, and I want it. Heck, I might need it. As of yesterday, the totals, (courtesy of Canucks.com writer Derek Jory over at Fort Nucks), had Team Glass $30 out in front, but who knows how close things are now, especially when Jory himself threw his weight (and wallet) behind Team Glass? I thought maybe the writer's bond would be enough to draw Jory to my corner, but it appears that mullets are thicker are water.

But don't fret, Team Mooney acolytes. There is, yet, vocal support from within the Canucks organization, and it comes from an unlikely source. Tanner Glass's teammate, Alex Burrows. Here's Hosea Cheung, of Vancouver 24 Hours (p. 20):

When asked if Glass stood a chance, Alex Burrows immediately said no, adding his teammate was known to brag about his Scrabble skills. “That’s what he asked his fiancĂ©e for Christmas, a little Scrabble dictionary,” he said. “I don’t know how a Saskatchewan guy, not that smart, is going to do against a Scrabble pro.”

Burn. That said, Alex Burrows claiming Tanner Glass isn't very good at making words is like the pot calling the kettle unintelligible. But who am I to quibble? Ring it up, Burrows is a Bulie, although he should know I'm far from a Scrabble pro (unless you count playing Scrabble at work professional Scrabbling... just kidding, boss).

On the flipside, Cory Schneider is toeing the party line:

Goaltender Cory Schneider, however, was more diplomatic in support of Glass. “Those Dartmouth kids fall asleep with [a dictionary] under their pillow, they soak up the words while they sleep.

Funny guy, that Schneider. But let it be known Dartmouth alums, eggheads through they may be, can be beaten. Just ask Paul Bissonnette. Biznasty:

Ask lee stempniak how biznasty beat him in scrabble and he went to dartmouth

Ack, that's embarrassing. Skeeter beat me once, too, and he brings it up every time we hang out. That said, the bigger revelation here is that BizNasty scrabbles. Maybe PITB should be challenging him next. Scrabble for the homeless? Someone call the Phoenix Coyotes.

Make sure you're online at 3pm. Skeeter, my blogwife, will be liveblogging the Scrabble match right here at Pass it to Bulis; you can follow the virtual game board at Canucks.com/Scrabble; and I'm sure @VanCanucks and @PassItToBulis will be tweeting plenty of goodies. As for me, I'm off to study my playable three-letter words.


  1. My husband just called to confirm he'd picked me up one of the last t-shirts at the Team Store on his way to work, and I'm off to donate to your side. :)

    Good luck tomorrow, and we hope everyone has much fun!

  2. Just made my pledge to #TEAMMOONEY good luck tomorrow!!!!!

  3. I've got $20 bucks riding on you Mooney! You better win! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!


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