Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Inaugural Scrabble Battle Live Blog Extravaganza

Welcome to the Inaugural Scrabble Battle Live Blog Extravaganza, the ultimate Scrabble showdown between Vancouver Canucks' winger Tanner Glass and PITB co-founder Harrison Mooney. By now, you probably know that the game is for charity, with all proceeds benefitting the Canucks For Kids Fund. It's not too late to donate. I'm your host, Daniel "Skeeter" Wagner, PITB's other co-founder, and I'll be live at this game's top-secret location (in a bunker off the coast of Yemen*), hanging on every tile. Watch the virtual board at and join the discussion below. Try to be hilarious. We go live at 3pm PST.

*It's an underwater bunker.


  1. I hope you guys start by playing Queen's Highlander Theme.

  2. Pump-up mixtape:

    1. Highlander Theme
    2. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
    3. Fireworks, Katy Perry
    4. You've Got the Touch
    5. You Can't Handle This, Five Iron Frenzy
    6. Go the Distance, Michael Bolton

  3. Ballard wanted to pledge a dollar for team glass..

  4. Bone up on those Q-without-U words. SUQ is an excellent scrabble word, as you likely know. Do what you will with the euphemism...

    Go Team Mooney!

  5. I'll be hurrying to work in hopes that I can check this out on my laptop for a bit before (sadly) having to tutor children.

  6. I hope that You've Got The Touch is the song by Stan Bush for the Transformers Animated Movie.

  7. I am unreasonably excited about this.

  8. I know I put this out there in the feed, but will there be an "I watched this game" for the scrabble battle?

  9. regarding scrabble babble:

    a high coo for two
    blessings on the both of you
    making dreams come true

    clay pigeon

  10. The game is over, but the "live" board still hasn't caught up... oh, well. The live play-by-play was more exciting, anyway! I hope there is a video of the trophy presentation.

  11. I watched this game.


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