Sunday, February 06, 2011

Nardwuar Interviews Alex Burrows

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is one of those love-him-or-hate-him kind of guys. He can be a bit annoying and more than a little twee, but there's definitely no disputing his originality as an interviewer. His unique style has earned him international acclaim, and it's always worth a mention when he sits down with someone. With that in mind, here is a recent interview he did with Alex Burrows.

Even if you find Nardwuar a tad off-putting (like Alex Burrows does, for instance), there's one thing you can never dispute: the guy definitely does his research. He asks Burrows questions about his QMJHL days, his stint in the broadcast booth, obscure Canucks history, and Burr's last NHL fight, which was with Dan Hamhuis. I had completely forgotten about that.

That said, the interview is still awkward as all Hell, because it's Nardwuar. Consider this exchange:

Nardwuar: Tom Larscheid! Bingo Bango...
Burrows: Luongo.

Yeah, not a lot of chemistry there. At least Burrows nailed the "doot doot" in the signoff. Try to ignore how cringy the clip can get at times, because Nardwuar also produces some remarkable gifts for Burr from a backpack full of Canucks memorabilia. Have you ever wondered which former Canuck goaltender has his own pump-up record? Have you ever seen the obscenely poseable Roberto Luongo figurine? Nardwuar and Alex Burrows have got you covered.

Thanks to the Bulies who pointed us to this (especially Michael, who e-mailed us a link). Our apologies for a painfully slow response. We fail.


  1. Painfully wonderful.
    Thanks for passing that along.

  2. Oof. +1 to Burrows for persisting with that in good humour.

  3. I found this right after watching the Burrows/Bieksa ESPN thing from a couple weeks back...I had a few good laughs, at the fact burrows actually kept going along with it... but I had used most of them up in the other one.

  4. Burrows hung in there like the good sport he is. I'm surprised there wasn't any chirping, though. I hope he recognizes just how cool (and valuable) those gifts Nardwuar gave him really are.


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