Monday, February 14, 2011

Conversation Hearts, For the NHLer Who Simply Can't Find the Words

Sometimes, you just can't find the words, and on a day like Valentine's Day--a day especially made for the expression of true-hearted sentiment--that simply will not do. Thankfully, when your tongue gets tied, you can reach into a box of Sweethearts and find the secrets of your heart already expressed (provided the secrets of your heart fit on the candy).Well, NHLers are no different, and this Valentine's Day, they're here to tell you, sometimes the words are on the tip of your tongue, if you're eating a piece of candy that has those words on it:

From: Alex Burrows | To: Teammates

From: The Puck | To: Jannik Hansen

From: Alain Vigneault | To: Gum

From: Andrew Peters | To: Everyone

From: Keith Ballard | To: Milan Michalek

From: Alex Bolduc | To: His shoulder

From: Manny Malhotra | To: The Linesman

From: Daniel Sedin | To: The Art Ross Trophy

From: Kevin Bieksa | To: Mike Gillis

From: Henrik Sedin | To: Daniel Sedin

From: Eklund | To: The wrong person

From: Alain Vigneault | To: Aaron Rome

From: Christian Ehrhoff | To: Alex Edler

From: Mikael Samuelsson | To: Team Sweden

From: Mason Raymond | To: Ryan Kesler

From: The NHL Head Office | To: Dale Tallon

From: Darren Pang | To: Alex Pietrangelo

From: Darren Pang | To: PK Subban

From: Sidney Crosby | To: Gary Bettman

From: Jeremy Roenick | To: Matt Cooke

From: Rick DiPietro | To: Brent Johnson

From: Peter Chiarelli | To: Brian Burke

From: Pierre McGuire | To: Everyone Ever

From: Bruce Boudreau | To: The Washington Capitals

From: Gary Bettman | To: The Israelites


  1. 'eat me'
    from: big mac to: fatty wellwood

  2. I chews you had me choking on ramen noodles.

  3. "You slew me"
    from: Alex Burrows | to: Andrei Kostitsyn

  4. "Let's get personal"
    from: Stephane Auger | to: Alex Burrows

  5. "I choose you!"
    from: Ash Ketchum | to : Jannik Hansen

  6. "Missing You"
    from: The Dark Times | to: Cody Hodgson

  7. @qris I may be prouder of "I chews you" than any other piece of writing I've ever done.

    @Michael Clearly, you are a regular reader, especially since the Jannik Hansen/pokemon connection is less than a day old at this point. I liked "Missing You". I am willing to believe The Dark Times would send Cody Hodgson a conversation heart.

  8. Haw haw haw

    Eklund... you bozos are awesome

  9. I don't know why but I suddenly envisioned the "Jannik Hansen Pokemon Connection" as being the first cable dating show that both Canucks fans and furries can really get behind.

  10. I actually spat out water when I read 'I chews you' 'quit exploding' 'be mine' and 'u r cute'

    amazing amazing work guys, this post is basically my favourite thing on the internet right now

    Happy Valentine's Day PITB! I hope you got your wives something special. ;)

  11. the tag "these candies are chalky and unpleasant"


  12. I may be a freak: I enjoy both the taste and texture of candy hearts.

    That said, this concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us!

  13. Sweet, yet tart. Splendid as always.

  14. @Skeeter

    I also enjoy the candy hearts. Mmmm... chalky goodness.

    Of course, I also love anything licorice flavoured, especially the double-salted dutch zout drops, so my support probably just cements your freak status!

  15. "You make me dizzy"
    From: Defensemen | To: The Sedins

    "Get away from me"
    From: Roberto Luongo | To: The shootout

    "I'm glad you chose me"
    From: Shooting on a two-on-one with Mason Raymond | To: Ryan Kesler

  16. @Skeeter Surely you must mean love! No WUV with an Earth 'W' BEHOLD!

    The best VDay clip ever.

    Brilliant post Harrison!

  17. What heart would Lu send his gold medal?

  18. this post made my day! u guys are awesome

    i loved the daniel and henrik ones and of course edler and ehrhoff's

  19. get well soon
    From: Canucks fans everywhere. To: Canucks defensemen everywhere.

  20. i chew-chew-chews you
    - ralph V

  21. Harrison Mooney, you my friend are a comedic genius!

  22. @Neal

    That "BEHOLD!" gets me every time. Classic.

  23. ur a gr8 gal

    From: Alex Burrows | To: Kelly Backes

  24. just kidding, guys

    From: Ryan Kesler | To: Canadians


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