Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raffi Torres, Human Bowling Ball: Photoshop Gallery 1

You might recall the Raffi Torres bowling ball image (BallTor) from the minor photoshop party we tried to jumpstart last week. It comes from this goal, Raffi's second of the night in a 5-2 win over the Dallas Stars. The goal led to this photo, which is wonderful for many, many reasons, chief amongst them the fact that Raffi, often referred to as a human bowling ball, couldn't have looked more like one if he'd worn all black and let someone put fingers in his eyes and mouth.

Anyhow, the meme has begun to take off, and PITB's gifted scores of doctored Raffi Torres photos in the last few days. We've seen a byfuglienian buttload of good ones at this point, and it's high time we shared some with you. Behold, gallery 1:

The brilliant egatti sticks with the bowling ball theme. Here's a classic Bill Murray still from Kingpin. I like it, but I'm concerned about where Murray's fingers are.

And here's another from egatti, taken from perhaps the greatest bowling movie of all time. Raffi's slight rotation is unfortunate.

Can you spot Raffi Torres? Hint: he's in the egg. Again, it's egatti, who is brilliant at this sort of thing, and it's always a treat when you can draw him out into the open.

Here's one from the bizarrely named Rubbed by Luongo. It's hilarious to me how excited Raffi looks to being scooped into the cone. He's probably been waiting in the bucket forever.

SirWilliam finally answers the question of what happened to the dinosaurs. Apparently, the same thing that happened to the Buffalo Sabres last season.

Mr. Wiggles makes brilliant use of Raffi's extended leg here. I never would have thought of this.

I've never played Angry Birds, but people tell me that's what this avelanch photoshop is. It's kind of awesome, whatever it is.
Okay, this must have taken MikeyD forever. It's brilliant, but wow, that's a time-consuming project. I wonder if the dog eats around the sticks.

Glen gives us this imaginative entry, which paints a remarkable picture. My favourite part is that no one appears to actually be watching Raffi serve them, which begs the philosophical question: if a man is served unobserved, is he really served?

You've gotta love the topical ones, as avelanch gives us Blake Griffin dunking Torres. Word is Demar DeRozan grumbled about the use of props, but he might have changed his tune if Griffin had dunked a midget.

Someone on the forum asked for Raffi as the giant rolling rock from Indiana Jones, and this, from marinated.pea, is what they got instead. Part of me likes it better.

And finally, Rozzy91 with the best animated gif ever. I can't figure out if the splatter is Raffi exploding, or his skate catching the woman in the nose. Either way, this thing is pure win.

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  1. Pure awesomeness!

  2. Who knew so many people had so much time on their hands with that kind of talent...

  3. I can't stop laughing at the sling shot! Too awesome.

  4. if a man is served unobserved, is he really served?


    thse are all so great!

  5. Seriously, I could watch the sling shot all day... this is gorgeous. I only wish someone had managed to make a picture of Torres' bugly eyes replaced with BallTors... spinning, hypnotoad style.

  6. AND we need an animated GIF of street fighter Sedin and BallTor doing flying kicks at each other. Just Sayin.

  7. I light of the Street Fighter theme, I realized how perfect Torres looks for the Electric Blanka Ball or whatever you wanna call it

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