Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cory Schneider on After Hours, PITB Remains Famous

As though he weren't already doing enough to make himself eminently desirable to other organizations, here's Cory Schneider on After Hours, proving he's a downright fabulous interview to boot. Turns out he's as great in front of the camera as he is in front of the net. He's open, he's honest, and he's funny. For example: when asked about his days playing baseball, he deadpans, "I played catcher, so I must have some sort of equipment fetish." And if dry wit's not your flavour, he even does... wait for it... impressions. Yes, you heard correctly. Cory Schneider's Jannik Hansen impression is deadly accurate, and therefore hilarious.

This interview also marks the second time Scott Oake has read a Pass it to Bulis tweet to an interviewee (after the Brendan Morrison sitdown from late October). We are so famous. The question in question, at 7:52 of the clip: "Ask Schneider if he's ever considered putting laxative in Luongo's water, like Dany Sabourin did to get some playoff minutes."

Schneider's a pretty solid sport, again deadpanning a humorous response: "You never get your hands dirty. You gotta have someone else do it for you. You gotta stay away from the crime scene."

It was a solid night for Canucks' tweeps overall, as @Bieksa_Luvver3, @Guts_Mctavish24, and @TheFalconer all had questions read on-air as well. The Falconer's was my favourite, as it led to the Jannik Hansen impression I had no idea existed. We might need to pick his brain in the future, as he appears to know a lot of things we don't. Who are you, Falconer? Are you Batman?


  1. I saw that last night and was thoroughly impressed. I was also pretty stoked to see them read your tweet.

  2. Whoa, & The Falconer, to boot. I need to get out more.

  3. My kids (who got me into PiTB 2 weeks ago) & I were tempted to impersonate the Falconer so fulsome was your praise for his tweet. We too know things that you may not such as the trade rumour - the sedins for grabner.

  4. Dear Batman:
    In the immortal words of immortals - There can be only one!

    Mooney - you can pick my brain any time, but it's pretty slim pickins... I'm often at the Fox and Hounds on Saturday nights - swing on by!

  5. I like how Kevin Weekes answers his question before he asks it.

    "So, playing in the minors, that must have been disappointing, but it probably gave you some time to work on your game, get a lot of playing in and and work on your confidence. What was it like?"

    "Uh, yeah, well, it gave me some time to work on my game, get a lot of playing in and and work on my confidence, for sure."

  6. I am really going to miss this kid... I believe he will end up with more hardware, championships an accolades than Luongo when both of their careers are done. Hopefully he plays in a city that can't hurt us.

    The guy sounds like a 10-year vet and a true leader. Hopefully we get something huge for him so we can offset the regret.

    I miss him already.

    Luongo for 11 more years... As long as we can outscore the minimum one bad goal a game and Lui doesn't snap his neck after the bad goal as he pouts we should be good. Hopefully other teams don't figure out that the weak goal on
    Luongo is like trying to throw a big hit on Iginla - these things are what get them fired up. I don't get it. Anybody wanna trade two Luongo Jersey's (06-07 3rd Jersey replica for a Kesler 3rd?... Seriously) (1-Large & 1-XL). People seem to love Luongo so I might as well try to strike while his value is hi and the Luuuuuuuu chant is making the tiniest of comebacks.

  7. I was also incredible impressed by Schneider on After Hours. I thought it was pretty cool that he still finished his Finance degree, despite playing for the Moose for the last few years.

    Seems like the Canucks have this thing for players with an education. I think it's actually a brilliant idea - smart is good. Not just on the ice, but in the community and in the press. I find this interesting.

  8. 5:00 mark Newell Brown leaves with two hotties! #Scandalous


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