Monday, February 28, 2011

A Moment of Pure Bulis

It's a stressful time right now. The NHL trade deadline is under five hours away. Fans and players alike want to know that Mike Gillis will do. Who's on the way in? Who's on the way out? Will we get better? Will we lose ground? Will they trade for a top-six winger? Will they trade Mason Raymond? What will happen to Mason Raymond? Has anyone asked Mason Raymond what he wants?

Is this you? Relax, Mason Raymond.

Sometimes the fever pitch reaches a critical point. When that happens, we at PITB recommend that you take a step back, focus on your breathing, and enjoy a much-needed Moment of Pure Bulis.

Did you know? Alex Edler thinks I Am Legend was good, but the ending could have been better.


  1. I wonder if he saw the alternate ending. You know, the lovie dovie one where the zombies are actually more human than Will Smith? I'm sure he would like that one, he's got alot of time to get in touch with his feelings right now.

  2. I hope so, Neal. If there's anything I'm hoper for when he returns, it's a kindler, gentler Edler.

  3. Please, please, please I want to keep Mayray! And I love him on the 4th line... the last time he scored a goal, he was there (no, the Dallas one doesn't count)... And Cody needs a skilled winger, double win!


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