Friday, December 31, 2010

I Find This Photo Awesome: Tanner Glass Signing A Scrabble Board

Here's your New Year Eve's dose of awesomeness. Look closely at this photo and you'll see that Canucks fan Elson (@awesomeguyelson) brought a Scrabble board--cleverly done up like the Tanner Glass: Scrabble Champ t-shirt--to a Tanner Glass signing appearance. Needless to say, I find this photo awesome.

Tanner Glass is such a cool guy. He's been such a great sport about all this, and seems as genuinely shocked by the attention and interest as we are. I don't know how many Tanner Glass jerseys sell at the Canucks team store, but I can confidently say I'll be buying one someday soon.

Tanner Glass: Scrabble Champ t-shirts will be on sale early in the new year with all proceeds going to Canucks Place Children's Hospice.

Thanks to our pal Katie Maximick (@canucksgirl44) for the tip.


  1. Great guy! As are you guys, I'm definitely looking forward to the Scrabble Throw Down!

  2. What makes it is the look of absolute glee on Glass' face. I love it!

  3. you have got to respect a guy who will play scrabble with you guys. you're my friends and i wouldn't even play scrabble with you.


    it’s time for another new year
    (though really each second is new
    forever there’s nothing to fear
    if moments not wasted are few)

    twenty ten is soon to be past
    your life starts again on the first
    the choices before you are vast
    and better each one than the worst

    (which is to go on as you were,
    for change is the essence of life
    there’s reason to not be unsure
    the future with chances is rife)

    each a lesson in learning how
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