Thursday, December 02, 2010

I Find This Video Odd: Post-Game Pantsing

This is the video of the surprisingly subdued celebration following the Canuck's 7-2 drubbing of the befuddled Flames. There's no awesome dancing, wacky hijinks, or overt goofiness. Just a bunch of professional hockey players behaving in a pleased, yet professional manner: removing equipment, chatting cheerily, and smiling pleasantly.

Except for at the 10 second mark, where Ryan Kesler appears to attempt to pants Tanner Glass like they were in a middle-school hallway, with Kesler playing the role of the jerkish jock with a need to be the center of attention and Glass the poor defenseless nerd desperately trying to keep hold of his stack of books without having his undergarments displayed to the girl he's had a massive crush on from afar all school year. That seems like a mistake. Even though Tanner Glass plays scrabble, reads dystopian fiction, and graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in History, all hallmarks of nerdity, he is a far cry from the platonic form of nerd. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kesler realized that Glass could probably beat him up, and stopped short of completing his pantsing motion, instead passing it off as a good-natured joke, akin to the friendly athletic butt-tap he gives Mason Raymond later on.

So I suppose there were a few jinks to be had post-game, though their height was middling at best, around the height of Muggsy Bogues as opposed to Manute Bol. I demand that my Canucks post-game jinks be higher!


  1. What I find odder is at the 17 second mark where Kesler shows that he may have borderline OCD as he spends just a little too much time organizing the crap on his locker shelf!
    Odd, no?

  2. Good point! This video, which previously seemed to be devoid of interesting content, has many layers of oddity sequestered within.

  3. Kesler is such a funny fellow
    ..But I've got to say, I'm shocked by the absence of a november wellwood's world D:

  4. "I demand that my Canucks post-game jinks be higher!"

    I approve of this demand.

    Also I think you misspelled high in the tags

  5. Wow there's no captcha anymore huh I wanted to finish my comment

    Great post guys, made me lol

  6. Sorry, anonymous. I removed the captcha in a fit of administration.

  7. @AnonymousTheFirst

    I blame myself. I had intended to write one, but information on Wellwood's play for Atlant was difficult to find, so I set aside more time to get it done. Unfortunately, that time was rapidly filled by the omnipresence of regular life. We'll see what we can do.


    The tag is a direct quote from Penny Arcade, from whence I borrowed the joke.

  8. i think its funny watching luongo and schneider "talk" in the backround. i say "talk" because you get the impression luongo really isnt into it.
    Schneiders all "come on just let me play one freakin game man" and luongos like "whoah whoah whoah keep your pants on rookie, or take them the off, i dont care cause this is a locker room so do what you want.
    look i dont have to listen to this, im making 10 million dollars this year.
    are you henrik or daniel? HAH get it? cause you look like a sedin!
    this is all golden stuff rookie, write some of this down and maybe some day youll be making 10 MILLION DOLLARS TO "kind of" STOP A HOCKEY PUCK"

  9. bunch of the guys seem to be doing hanson brothers impersonations .." yea kess.. yea yeah yea"

  10. I find it odd that Glass doesn't even blink at the fact that his pants are being tugged on. Makes me think this kind of thing must happen a lot. "Oh, it's just Kesler trying to take off my pants again."

  11. pretty weak prank. i demand kesler be a little more creative instead of the typical pantsing.i have no problem with the greatest hits but i want new material.

    think of the possibilities with 5 mil a year to bank roll your sense of humor

    step it up RK17

  12. I agree Jake, Kesler needs to step up his game. Itching powder in Luongo's jockstrap. Shaving cream in Hansen's gloves. Bucket of water on AV's office door. Bucket of bricks on Rick Bowness's office door.


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