Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Markus Moments from the Canucks Blogosphere

As we near the retirement of Markus Naslund's number nineteen, tributes for the former Canuck captain (like the excellent Meat Markus) are in abundance. What follows is a collection of recollections on Markus Naslund's best moments, as fondly remembered by the community of bloggers he inspired. Daniel's "Markus Moment" is below. You can read Harrison's "Markus Moment", along with the writers from Canucks Hockey Blog, Benched Whale, Nucks Misconduct and Canucks Corner, over at Canucks Hockey Blog.

Daniel "Skeeter" Wagner
My favorite Markus moment is any and every single moment he had the puck on his stick near the right face-off circle with time to shoot. In these moments, a glorious certainty would enter my mind: Markus Naslund is about to score a goal. There was always just enough time to edge forward in my seat in anticipation of jumping out of it. In a game full of weird bounces, bad breaks, and unlikely circumstances, Naslund scoring from the right faceoff circle at the height of his career was the closest a Canuck fan could get to a sure thing. These were beautiful moments of peace in the midst of stressful hockey games, and for that I am very thankful.

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  1. On that "Meat Markus" image, I originally took the little "TH" as a "TM" and wondered who the hell would be asserting trademark rights over the phrase "Markus Naslund will have his #19 retired on December 11". I mean, I just couldn't see that phrase on T-shirts.


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