Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tanner Glass Has a Very Scrabbly Christmas

The latest blog post from Tanner Glass went up today on In it he talks Christmas, roadtrips, weddings, and Dartmouth. But since we at Pass it to Bulis are incredibly self-interested, this was my favorite part:

We also snuck in a few games of scrabble thanks to my sister who got me the board game. Scrabble seemed to be the theme in my presents as Emily also bought me the book, “How to Play Scrabble Like a Champion.” I’m taking that as a hint that my family doesn’t want me to embarrass myself in the challenge I have coming up.

Tanner's sister, of course, is one of the main reasons this Scrabble challenge is happening as she got in touch with us and helped convince Tanner to accept. It's awesome how his family has gotten involved and I suspect he's been the target of plenty of good-natured jokes about the whole situation. Personally, I have to admit to being a little worried. While Harrison is a dedicated Scrabble-junkie, I am merely okay at the game. Don't get me wrong, I've beaten Harrison before...once. And now Tanner is in training. I think I'm in trouble.

I may need to go with Plan B: sell my services to the highest bidder. For a fee, I am willing to strategically open up triple-word scores or shutdown the board to prevent either Harrison or Tanner from netting big points. While it may seem that Harrison has an advantage by being my best friend, I'm pretty sure Tanner has a bigger yearly salary and could pretty easily outbid him.

Also, Tanner revealed that he and his family played some "intense games of catch phrase" over the two-day holiday break. He better be careful about mentioning board games before Nucks Misconduct or Canucks Hockey Blog starts a #CatchPhraseMeTanner hashtag on Twitter.


  1. Poor Tanner - he's like a kid with homework for the holidays. I hope you feel ashamed that you're making him practice two sports, here - if he collapses from Scrabble-related exhaustion, we'll all know who to blame.

  2. Incidentally, Tanner Glass last scored a goal on December 3rd, just 4 days before he announced via his blog on that he was accepting our Scrabble challenge. It could be argued that he's already distracted...

  3. Now seems a good time to point out that I was also given many Scrabble-themed gifts: The Scrabble dictionary, Scrabble Flash, and Scrabble chocolate. Tonight I will eat one, play one, and read one. I leave it up to your imagination as to which action applies to which gift.


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