Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Hits (From Behind)

Quick Hits (From Behind) is an irregular feature on Pass it To Bulis, wherein two hockey fans chip in their thoughts on current hockey news and get assessed a five-minute major and a game misconduct.

So I'm sick today, which means I don't have the energy for my daily dose of supreme bloggery. Instead, here are some links from around the blogosphere to entertain you in my time of illness.

Cole hits the nail on the head with regards to the P.K. Subban situation. As I and Angie Lewis debated, even though Darren Pang's slip of the tongue doesn't make him a racist, there are still some lingering problems with the way Subban's being handled. Cole:

He was quotable. He was fun-loving. He was cocky. He chirped at opposing players more famous than himself. He refused to bow and kiss the hems of their robes just because he was a rookie. He drew the ire of Sidney Crosby and Mike Richards and eventually — though he was playing like a Calder Trophy candidate most nights — this outrageous non-conformity of his could no longer be tolerated by the world's dullest hockey coach, Jacques Martin.

So off to the Habs' press box went P.K. Subban, and let that be a lesson to him.

When he returns, hopefully it will be with no personality at all.

For the man who loves more sports than just hockey:

Having just gone through this as a hockey fan, I can understand the apprehension of football fans, taunted with the terror of a football-less season. I understand it more since there's talk of another NHL lockout soon. Bois:

Eli "Hot Rod" Manning sniff't the November airs for sign's of distress. Every city needs a hero, and as though a hero store that was out of heroes, Gotham City was in need of a hero.

Suddenly: Bedlam. The shrieks of a thousand crying childs, emanating from Death Street. (It isn't actually called Death Street; however; metaphor.) Hot Rod Manning got in his Hot Rod and Hit The Gas. His tires produced a Literal plum of smoke as he careened toward the scene of the crime.

And then there's this bizarre thing:

I recommend this for the following reasons: first, one of the photos features Keith Ballard. Second, that photo looks like this:

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  1. Why are all the fans so excited to see Ballard get punched with a cat? Poor cat. Poor Ballard.

    I guess that one lady is kind of covering her eyes, but she also looks secretly pleased. Like she's making it LOOK like she's covering her eyes so her friends still think she's a cat lover, but really she HAS to see Ballard get punched with a cat because OMGthatisawesome.


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