Sunday, December 05, 2010

Head Poke Kid Will Exalt You

Head-Poke Kid has got the magic touch. In fact, his touch is so magic, it's more magic than classic Ducktales' villain Magica. And she was so magic even her name was, like, five-sixths magic.

Look. If you're an aspiring poet or a goaltender looking for that extra edge, Head Poke Kid's got what you need. If, like Roberto Luongo, you happen to be both, well, you're looking at a double blessing. You'll be the William Carlos Williams of goalies, you will.

You'd be crazy to doubt the blessings of Head Poke Kid. Look at the visual similarities between the above photo and another classic blessing:

I rest my case.

Warning: If Head Poke Kid's magic last for more than four hours, call a doctor, because you're playing sick.


  1. How much would that mask earn in an auction now that it's had the Touch?

  2. Who cares about the mask? I think the kid should go sell his hand on eBay. Or at least get himself a few minutes more fame than the fan that Rypien talked shop with...

  3. Luongo should sue Head Poke Kid. It was the same degree of contact as Rypien on that Minnesota fan.


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