Sunday, December 05, 2010

Tim Thomas and Absurdity

Ever since about 2007, Tim Thomas has been my favorite non-Canuck in the NHL. Saves like the above are one of the main reasons. This save has everyone talking, and rightfully so, as it should currently stand as the save of the year and it will be difficult to out-do. I'm also a big fan of his story, as he toured the AHL, IHL, and Europe before making his first NHL start at the age of 28. He does yoga to improve his flexibility and balance. He once punched Sean Avery in the face after an unnecessary cheapshot. I'm a fan.

Seriously, I love the guy. He's an oddball with an extremely unorthodox goaltending style who continually faces adversity and makes adversity blink. And he just made the save of the year. Respect.


  1. sweet baby jesus......

  2. Standup goaler, standup guy...join the caravan of love, standup, standup, STANDUP...

  3. Yup, this is golden! Picked him up in my fantasy league, and he's been nothing but points on the board!
    Got to give him props for playing his way though. With so much emphasis nowadays on 'technique,' this guys often looks like a roly-poly in the crease, yet he still manages to keep the puck out of the net.
    I love his mantra of "If I can see it, I'll stop it no matter what." Keep rollin' Timmy!


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