Friday, November 19, 2010

I Find This Photo Odd: Kyle Wellwood Edition

Sometimes we write good, insightful articles about topics that are important to us. Other times, we just post photos that make us titter. And say words that make us titter. Like titter.

Anyhow. Above is a photo of Kyle Wellwood with what appears to be a green dot on his face. Click on it to make it bigger (the photo, not the dot).

Incredibly, this is not the weirdest photo of Kyle Wellwood I've ever seen. This one's pretty good. This one's a gem. This is a solid piece of mockery. I've always found this one charming. I remember this one making the rounds. It's safe to say that Kyle Wellwood is a weird dude who is photogenic in a weird sort of way (a way in which he isn't). Like our new friend Raffi Torres, Welly has a tendency to look a bit goofy.

But the photo above is definitely in the top ten. It's hard to get a green dot on your face, believe me. So what's going on here? I have multiple theories:

Maybe Wellwood is the Hulk, but in keeping with his character, he's really lazy about it and he needs to bear down when becoming incredible; maybe Wellwood eats crayons to get himself pumped up for the game; maybe Wellwood loves Russia because they still have Squeez-it fruit drink; maybe Wellwood doesn't know how Movember works; maybe Kyle Wellwood is about to be assassinated, and laser sights for sniper rifles are green in Moscow; maybe Wellwood saw our post on Raffi Torres and made sure we came across this wacky photo of him with a green dot on his face somehow, so as to make sure we never forget him, and commenter and Twitter person @plusfelonesse, who tipped us to this momentous snapshot, is actually Kyle Wellwood.

Or a different thing. Whatever. I'm posting this because I miss Kyle Wellwood, and I find this photo odd.


  1. Oh, THAT green dot...methinks he probably forgot to wipe the pea soup from his was hard to see since I was wondering if he was wearing a Sabres practice jersey [or when did Buffalo became part of Russia since Seymour Knox III passed or «Атлант» Московская область was an ad for the 'Irv Weinstien/Rick Azar fan club'] Meh, I miss Welly, too...maybe the 'nucks could get @BIGMURPH56 to take his place after the Grey Cup...little known fact that the evil beard holds Ohio PIM records...check that out

  2. I like your theories much more, but he had to get a few stitches, and evidently bandages in Russia are green :P

  3. I refuse to believe it's something so believable!

  4. Say what you will about Wellie, but he was a real spark plug and was fun to watch. I wouldn't mind seeing him in Canuck colors again.


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